Commercial & Industrial Modular Building Systems by Vanguard

When you need more space in less time, Vanguard Modular buildings are the answer! Whether you call them mobile modular buildings, portable buildings, prefabricated buildings, or relocatable buildings, modular construction is the solution!

Vanguard Modular Building Systems specializes in providing permanent and temporary modular buildings of all sizes, from single trailers to multi-story complexes. Modular buildings are perfect for:

Educational Institutions Commercial & Retail Businesses Government Entities Disaster Recovery & Emergency Response
Healthcare & Medical Facilities Industrial, Energy & Utility Structures Correctional Facilities Worship & Religious Centers


Discover what we can do for you in each of these areas by exploring our Temporary Mobile Modular Building services and our Permanent Modular Construction services.

Do you need additional space IMMEDIATELY? Choose from a wide selection of used portable modular buildings from our inventory. Pre-leased mobile modular buildings are fully refurbished and on stand-by for quick delivery.

Are you looking for a custom modular building? We will create a custom-designed modular building that meets your exact professional and aesthetic requirements!

Do you want to “go green”? Remember that modular construction is environmentally-friendly – it’s green construction! Pre-fabrication keeps waste to a minimum, reduces the environmental impact at the building site, and allows for 100% recycling as buildings can be re-purposed and re-located to meet changing needs.