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Modular classrooms & portable classrooms in Georgia, provided by Vanguard Modular, can seamlessly alleviate overcrowding in your school’s learning space.  Ongoing growth of Atlanta’s population is largely attributed to development of small and large businesses in the area, as well as the surrounding suburbs including Marietta and Alpharetta. Georgia’s surge in population is driving the need for more quality classroom space to reduce school overcrowding and comfortably accommodate the influx new students. Additional classroom space is often provided by modular classrooms & portable classrooms.

modular classrooms & portable classrooms

Prefab Classrooms are Benefiting Schools Throughout Georgia:

New and existing private schools, charter schools, and public schools in areas such as Macon, Savannah, Augusta, and Albany prefer modular classrooms & portable classrooms, because they are delivered in a very short period of time and are ready for occupancy quickly. Georgia schools do not have a lot of down-time so construction speed is important.  Other benefits of modular include affordable purchase options and flexible lease rates.

Schools located in areas like Marietta, Valdosta, and Columbus, GA expand with modular classrooms & portable classrooms, because they are perfect for providing modern learning space that alleviates overcrowding, in a very short time-frame. Enrollment projections for the beginning of a new school year are most solid at the end the previous school year; the problem is schools only have the summer months to get new classroom space installed. Vanguard’s modular classrooms & portable classrooms provide the unique ability to have construction done in a compressed time-frame, because the buildings are built off-site at the same time the site is being prepared. From a couple hundred square feet to tens of thousands of square feet, portable classrooms also have the unique ability to serve Georgia schools with temporary space during renovation projects.

Modular Floor Plan Layout Examples of Prefab Classrooms

double-wide modular classroom floor plan in Georgia    modular classrooms & portable classrooms in Georgiamodular classrooms & portable classrooms in Georgia

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Modular classrooms & portable classrooms in Georgia, provided by Vanguard Modular, can seamlessly alleviate overcrowding in your school's learning space.

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