Modular classrooms for colleges and universities provide quick temporary or permanent on-campus expansion space. Schools providing higher education are very concerned about limiting disturbances to campus life for students, faculty, and staff. Modular buildings provide a building construction solution that requires up to 50% less time to occupancy than any other construction method. It also limits the constant need for heavy equipment and material deliveries, because the modular classrooms are completed up to 90% off-site in a manufacturing facility.

In order to create an understanding of modular building uses and capabilities, it is important to differentiate between temporary modular classrooms and permanent modular classroom buildings.

Temporary modular classrooms for colleges and universities

Relocatable modular classrooms, also known as temporary modular classrooms, provide colleges and universities with fast access to classrooms that can be quickly installed and just as quickly removed or relocated, when they are no longer needed. Colleges and universities typically use temporary prefabricated classrooms on-campus learning space to accommodate students during an unexpected rapid student body growth period, or as swing-space throughout a large construction project. Temporary prefab classroom buildings can be built to meet any size requirement with practically limitless customization options. Vanguard Modular’s flexible lease and purchase options make our temporary modular classrooms a desirable solution when urgent space is needed on a temporary basis.

Modular Classroom

Permanent modular classrooms for colleges and universities

Permanent modular classrooms, in many aspects, are no different than classrooms built with conventional construction. Off-site fabrication of permanent modular classrooms benefits colleges and universities in many ways. While permanent modular construction is very similar to conventional construction, it is important that your design professional work closely with Vanguard Modular’s experts to ensure the plan development properly accounts for modular components.

Modular classroom buildings provide colleges and universities with an option to building faster, safer, cost effectively, and with less campus disruption. Those directly responsible for building construction on a school campus know all too well how much pressure there is to get buildings constructed without adversely affecting student life or disrupting faculty. Until recently, there really has been no other viable option for building, outside of conventional site-built construction. Permanent modular classroom buildings have taken higher education construction to a whole new level for speed, safety, and cost effectiveness. Modular classroom buildings can be occupied up to 50% sooner, while much of the construction work is performed off-site, limiting both disruption and safety hazards.

Many are concerned about the way modular classroom buildings will look next to beautiful existing buildings on campus. It is important to know, that modular classroom buildings can be designed to fit right into your campus architecture and environment.

modular classroom

We also build modular offices and specialty buildings including labs, restrooms, dormitories, and more.

Vanguard Modular can help you get the classroom space you need on-time and on-budget. Contact one of our local representatives 877.438.8627 to discuss your options, or fill out the Request a Quote form below.

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