From buses, ports, and stevedores, to over-the-road hauling, each has specific building space needs and our modular buildings for transportation companies will provide your business with the right features and specifications to meet those needs.

Modular Offices Meet Transportation Company Needs

Whether you need permanent or temporary office space, modular building construction provides transportation companies with a durable on-site space solution that offers both longevity and quality for your business needs. If your transportation business has a dispatch center to support your bus or delivery drivers, our modular offices can be customized to best-suit this important function.

Choosing the right size modular office building is important, and we have a variety of options and standard floor plans to meet your needs.  We can also work with you to design a custom layout where necessary.

10 Ways to Know if Leasing a Modular Building Office Makes Sense for Your Business

Types of Transportation Companies

Bus & Limousine
Over-The-Road Hauling
Airlines & Airports
Rail Transport
Public Transportation

Vanguard Modular Benefits

Why choose modular building construction? There are many benefits to equipping your transportation company with a modular-built office.

Easy finance or leasing options
Quick delivery, installation, & setup
Less site disruption
Both used or new building options
Professional interior & exterior finishes
Quality, durability, & longevity
Added services such as security features or smart technology available

Whether you are looking for portable office space for a few months, or a custom-designed permanent office building to expand your business’ footprint, Vanguard has the offices you need.  To speak with one of our experienced modular building consultants, fill in the request a quote form below. You will be connected to the nearest consultant in your area.

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