Modular buildings for airlines and airports offer high quality, along with impressive efficiency and faster occupancy. Although modular buildings are known to be a quick-installation solution to alleviate overcrowded facilities, what many people do not realize is the remarkable structures and customization that can be designed from these buildings, to meet the needs of the customer’s business operations.

As airports look to expand their facilities, modular buildings can be a perfect fit for their space needs. Waiting areas, baggage claims, and restrooms are just a few of the modular additions your airport can benefit from.

Types of modular buildings for airlines and airports:

Portable offices in Hangars
Waiting areas
Baggage Claims

Types of aviation operations that modular building construction can provide space for:

Regional Airports
Training Facilities
Skydiving Facilities
Cargo Airports
Military Airports

Vanguard employs a highly experienced modular construction team that will work closely with you to develop the design that best fits your airport’s needs. Whether you need a temporary office building or a baggage claim, modular construction is an affordable, high quality, and fast option.

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