Modular buildings for over-the-road hauling companies are made to ensure the exact needs of your business are met.

Over-the-road hauling is a time-sensitive operation. That is why Vanguard Modular takes such care to ensure your new building is high-quality constructed with a design that maximizes attractiveness, flexibility, and durability. If your trucking business has a call center to connect to your delivery drivers, then our modular offices can be customized to best-suit this important function.

Transportation companies that frequently use modular office buildings:

Moving Van Companies
Livestock Transportation
Marine Shipping
Freight Services

Modular buildings for over-the-road hauling clients:

Dispatch Offices
Administrative & Management Offices
Break Rooms
Locker Rooms
Training Facilities
Security Offices

Vanguard employs a highly experienced modular construction team that will work closely with you to develop the design that best fits your needs. Whether you need a temporary modular office building or a customized office building, modular construction is an affordable, high quality, and fast option.

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