Modular buildings for ports can be custom-designed with individual specifications to ensure the exact needs of your business are met. Ports handle a variety of traffic, and we understand how important and time-sensitive your operations are. That is why Vanguard Modular takes such care to ensure your new building is high-quality constructed with a design that maximizes attractiveness, flexibility, and durability.

Benefits of choosing a portable modular office building

Because modular buildings are constructed off-site in a manufacturing facility, this means less site disturbance and inconvenience can be anticipated for your operations. Your port activity and functions can continue to run smoothly as we provide the office space expansion that your facility needs. Avoid the unnecessary construction traffic, safety risks, and time that would be required when building with conventional construction for your port.

Permanent and portable offices are built and installed on your site with speed that cannot be matched by conventional construction. If you are looking for a fast-build option, one of the major benefits of modular offices is that they can be ready for occupancy up to 50% faster than typical construction methods.

Types of modular office buildings we can supply to ports and stevedores:

Engineering / Project Management offices
Substation offices
Scale houses
Exploration housing
In-plant offices
Training facilities
Locker rooms
Break rooms

Vanguard Modular leases and sells modular buildings to ports throughout the eastern seaboard and gulf coast states. So, if you have multiple locations that need space, we can be your one-stop-shop.

MODULAR BUILDING BUYERS GUIDE: Find out all you need to know about modular buildings. A Vanguard Modular exclusive.

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