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Encouragement For You

First, we at Vanguard Modular want to provide encouragement to you in this time of strain and uncertainty.

Our country is strong and resilient. Even in the face of this despicable virus fellow citizens are pulling together to ensure our family, neighbors, and even strangers have the life sustaining supplies they need to weather the stay-in orders, unemployment, and other impacts of COVID-19.

This virus is limiting in-person communication and social interactions, but thankfully we have available at our fingertips technology that gives us the opportunity to connect face-to-face while honoring imposed social distancing restrictions.

There is a lot of good happening all around us even in this time of challenge in our nation and around the world. Together let’s all make a choice to be the catalyst for good in our local community and our nation will come through this stronger and more resilient than ever, because we can!

Vanguard Modular’s Operations During COVID-19

Vanguard Modular Building Systems is fully operational as COVID-19 continues to impact all our local communities. Our team of experts are all working from their homes and are ready to provide you with new and used modular building quotes and information just as with normal operation.

Modular building manufacturing and site installations are heavily impacted due to business shut-down mandates, social distancing restrictions and limited local and state government office activity. Notwithstanding, our manufacturers are still producing buildings and installations continue in areas where it is permitted and safe to do so.

Vanguard Modular does take safety very seriously, so we are not sending crews to sites in areas where COVID-19 cases are prevalent or imposed restrictions prevent us from doing so. Sites and situations are being carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis depending on government restrictions and the overall perceived safety risk that may be facing our crews and clients.

Modular construction remains the fast way to build classrooms and offices, so as restrictions are lifted Vanguard Modular is completing projects expeditiously. Manufacturing line-times and the backlog of projects are growing, so if you have a modular building need coming up you will certainly want to do as much as you can right now to keep things moving forward.

We wish you and your family good health and a confidence to push forward through these challenging times.


SPECIAL NOTICE: HVAC Systems Should Remain Turned On

Turning off HVAC systems may be perceived to save energy but can also have unintended consequences. When the HVAC systems are not running to control the climate within buildings, condensation and rising humidity levels can create concerns, particularly as Spring temperatures begin to rise.

Reduce Energy Consumption
The best approach is to “set back” your building’s HVAC thermostats, leaving them on their AUTO setting, to ensure air circulation remains adequate while achieving a level of energy savings.

Regular Maintenance
Replace HVAC filters every 30 days and batteries (if applicable) in thermostats every 6 months.

Keeping your building’s HVAC systems operating and well maintained may save you headaches when occupants return to use the building.

Call 877.438.8627 with any specific questions about your Vanguard Modular building’s HVAC.


CHECK BACK to this page for future updates regarding COVID-19’s impacts on our business and the modular building industry.

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