Built Modular is a modular building podcast designed to help people like you discover more about how modular construction is changing the way people build space.

Our experts will help you discover breakthrough information about the fastest and most modern construction method in use today.

Modular construction processes are accelerating schedules and delivering better buildings with safer construction.

Your listening to built modular, a modular building podcast for those who want to know more about the method of modular construction…

Episode 8: Digital Twin Modeling For Manufacturing Explained


Episode 7: How School Districts Can Solve Space Issues with Modular Classrooms


Episode 6: A Walk Through The Modular Building Process

Built Modular Podcast - Constructing a modular building from start to finish


Episode 5: Creating Winning Relationships Through Cooperative Purchasing

Built Modular Podcast - Creating winning relationships through cooperative purchasing


Episode 4: Did You Know This About Modular Construction?

Built Modular Podcast - Did you know this about modular construction?


Episode 3: Cost Drivers in Modular Building Systems

Built Modular Podcast - Cost drivers in modular building systems


Episode 2: Modular Classroom Buildings Customized for the Varying Needs and Size Requirements of Schools

Built Modular Podcast - Modular classroom buildings customized for the varying needs and size requirements of schools


Episode 1: Modular Construction For Temporary Building Needs

Built Modular Podcast - Modular construction for temporary building needs


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